Evolution of Serverless Functions

With the evolution of cloud computing, the IT infrastructure has undergone a rapid revolution. To add more flexibility & scalability to the software on cloud, Serverless Functions comes into the picture. Although I should point out immediately that the term "Serverless is not actually server less". In my previous blog, I already discussed that the future cloud-native [...]

Serverless Architecture vs Microservice Architecture

Serverless architecture is a cloud-computing execution model in which the cloud provider acts as the server, dynamically managing the allocation of machine resources. On the other hand, Microservice architecture is a set of self-sustained small services, running on their own machines using lightweight mechanisms (usually REST APIs') to allow inter-module communication of the underlying application. Changing your architecture to deploy [...]

When & Why Do We Use Elasticsearch During App Development?

Elasticsearch Overview
When building an application that requires a large number of inventory items, service listings or client base, one can face issues with slow database querying & information retrieval. For users that are accustomed to their search results delivered in under 1s, slow results can lead to poor UI experience.

3 Easy & Free Ways for Small Businesses to Leverage Social Media

Advantages Of Social Media For Small Businesses Over Large Businesses Social media effectiveness eventually boils down to how well can you engage with your customers. Small businesses have a clear advantage, as they tend to be more community and individual focussed. By doing so, you can spread brand awareness & develop a loyal customer base [...]

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Isometrik Bullets is an easy-to-use and powerful Enterprise IoT Platform designed to help teams quickly and securely build complex real-time connected solutions. Connect bullets together on the intuitive visual workflow builder to source, modify and dump data.With Isometrik Bullets you can:

1.   Manage both device’s and their data
2.   Built work-flows with our drag and drop WORKFLOW BUILDER
3.   Filter, transform, and process data in real-time as it’s collected
4.   Visualize captured data
5.   Dump data into your preferred endpoint


Isometrik Blitz is a low latency ( < 0.5 second delivery world-wide ) & high throughput ( clustered for scale ) data stream network that can push small messages to and from one or more devices ( browsers , tablets , smartphones , etc ). Any device that can make a TCP/IP connection can connect over Isometrik Blitz. Blitz provides rich authorization, authentication, encryption and legislative security from network to user. Blitz is built to handle millions of messages per second and ensures they are delivered reliably. The system guarantees 99.9% up-times so your business will never-ever go down. Blitz is easy to integrate via its rich API set & SDK’s. At the moment Blitz ships with SDK’s for Android , Java , iOS , Node.JS & PHP.


Monitor,optimize and investigate your server infrastructure and apps in any environment. Use Isometrik’s pre-built real time dashboards or build your own. Configure actionable alerts to avoid alert fatigue. Isometrik Trace integrates with Slack so you can share data within your team and take quick actions. Trace Analytics powered by our proprietary machine learning algorithm automatically detects outliers and temporal anomalies.