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Multi-Host Streaming

The world’s first multi-live streaming SDK allowing you to have up to 6 co-hosts(concurrent publishers) and millions of viewers connected to a broadcast session.

Prebuilt UI SDKs come with features like- timed metadata APIs for live & recorded stream sessions, chat APIs, audio-only stream sessions, stream accessibility control, monetization, restreaming, AR & sound filters, analytics, and participants & chat moderation, allowing you to focus on developing your core product and significantly accelerate your time-to-market.

Live Shopping

World’s only video shopping SaaS provider to allow hosting live selling sessions with multiple co-publishers.

Creating shoppable videos, hosting 1-1 live selling sessions & virtual sales consultations, or engaging your customers across social media platforms has never been easier. Moderators can moderate chats, reply to the audience’s queries privately, enhance engagement by creating polls, and access analytics, while publishers can focus on making live selling more fun for the audience.


Real-time Conversations

With our fully customizable and easy-to-integrate chat SDK, you can quickly build a feature-rich chat experience into any mobile and web app with a few lines of code. The prebuilt UI SDKs come with all the modern chat features and can be customized or used as-is to create a beautiful chat experience.


Pub-Sub System

Leverage the power of hosted publish-subscribe model-driven real-time APIs to develop chat, virtual events, collaboration, alerting, IoT device control, real-time updates, and push notification features to build engaging, scalable, and reliable apps.


Application Performance Monitoring

Infrastructure health, database & application performance monitoring with configurable alerts that helps you identify the bottlenecks and correlate them across your stack. Deploy a light docker daemon on your cloud/database server or add a small code snippet in your application code and hurray! you are ready to receive various metrics like Apdex ratio, request rate, response time, hardware, and network metrics in engaging dashboards.

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Track performances, identify problems, and solve the incidents that can negatively affect your application’s performance.

Monitor application performance by tracking various metrics such as processor utilization, error rates, bandwidth consumption, data throughput, etc., and get complete visibility into the backend APIs. Identify bottlenecks by evaluating golden metrics and Apdex scores. This enables optimizing performance for current as well as future stacks.

World’s 1st group live streaming SDK.

Integrate our streaming SDK to create real-time group live video experiences for your users worldwide. High-quality and low latency live video streaming experiences are ensured and managed by native SDKs for major platforms.



Shopping can be considered as a sub-section of the streaming feature where e-commerce platforms can be integrated with the Shopping SDK to enable live video shopping. The videos can be streamed live across multiple platforms and channels in real-time simultaneously including YouTube, Twitch, etc. Isometrik shopping supports both one-to-many and many-to-many video streaming for live video shopping.

Native chat SDKs allow you to own your customer conversations by having an integrated chat window within your platform. Build an easy-to-use modern chat experience with delivery receipts that your users will love.



Operating on a pub-sub model, Blitz is a low latency (<0.5 seconds delivery worldwide) and high throughput (clustered for scale) data stream network that can push messages across different devices (tablets, smartphones, browsers, etc.). The only condition for a device to connect to Isometrik Blitz is that it should be able to make a TCP/IP connection.


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